Editorial — Sean Chancela Mongoza

Vortex Of Emotions

Tel Aviv-based actor Sean Mongoza can't keep still. To him, his own change is key to tomorrow. Sasha Prilutsky and Moran Moradi met him to capture some moments with the camera.

27. Dezember 2018 — MYP N° 24 »Tomorrow« — Text: Sean Chancela Mongoza, Creative Direction & Photography: Sasha Prilutsky (DVISION), Video: Moran Moradi (DVISION), Music: Mr. Bungle

Tomorrow is all I have. Tomorrow is what led me when we left Congo.
Tomorrow is what gave me faith to run away from home when I was 6.
I don’t know what’s behind this door.

My tomorrow is a mystery to me.

For me, thinking about tomorrow is a vortex of emotions.
It’s both happiness and sadness, stress and giving hope.

Tomorrow is the summary of all the outcomes of energy I spend in here and now in being alive.

My tomorrow doesn’t scare me. I know it’s gonna bring me beautiful things.

My change is key to my tomorrow.