Photo series — Manuel Puhl

Where Strangers Meet

In July 2019, photographer Manuel Puhl traveled through Japan. He was particularly fascinated by the capital Tokyo—mainly because of the anonymity with which it envelops its residents. A film-like night stroll through one of the world's largest cities.

29. Oktober 2020 — MYP N° 30 »Community« — Photography & text: Manuel Puhl

I love the bizarre feeling of living in a city where you don’t even know your neighbor, especially at night when everything seems to melt into a kaleidoscope of near and far-away lights—a place where strangers meet.

Anonymously we grow on ourselves, solely defined by our ups and downs. Living life. Knowing there is more to come. Or hoping, at least.

I’ve always expected to find someone, but I’ve never expected to find you.

Happy me.