Editorial — Jacopo Paglione

Bedroom Tales

Generation Y kids are considered lazy and demanding, says photographer Jacopo Paglione. He wants to show what they’re really passionate about and what they believe in—so he has visited some of them in their most intimate places: their bedrooms.

30. Januar 2019 — MYP N° 24 »Tomorrow« — Photography & Text: Jacopo Paglione

This project is about kids of Generation Y. Being part of this generation, I constantly felt the pressure of living up to the world’s and my own expectations. I remember when in my early 20s, I recently moved to Rome from my little hometown. I used to go to my friend’s house and we used to lay on the bed talking about our dreams and ambitions, but most of all the difficulties, the fears and the obstacles between who we were and who we thought we wanted to be.

In my head I was invincible, the world was mine and I could do anything. But the reality was different. And I wasn’t prepared for it. That’s why the project is called “Bedroom Tales”. It’s in honor of my younger years, of those moments where me and my friends shared our insecurities and found strength in each other.

»It’s easy to think that these kids are lazy.«

I think this generation is very controversial and misunderstood, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. It’s easy to think that these kids are lazy, demanding and that they feel they’re entitled to anything just because it should be this way.

They carry big expectations on their shoulders because the previous generation experienced an incredible economic boom that raised the standard of living—so the world expects them to do the same. Things have changed: the economy has changed, politics have changed, and the job situation is at its worst.

»They have specific skills that none of the previous generations had.«

But there’s no room for excuses. I think this generation is sophisticated and very talented, with specific skills that none of the previous generations had. These people are more passionate about what they do and what they believe in than what society gives them credit for. They find it really hard not to be scared about the future living in a state of uncertainty and instability.

Who are these kids now? What has led them to this moment? Who will they be?