Submission — Eoin Coveney


22. Januar 2018 — MYP N° 22 »Resistance« — Text & Illustration: Eoin Coveney

Based on John Carpenter’s „The Thing“: A grotesque mutation of hatred and negative energy, burst forth from the ultimate fiction delivery system: „Reality“ Television.

Built on the rubble of real-estate wars, paid for by gullible millionaires and unpaid contractors.

Watched at all times by News and Social Media, obsessed with every disturbing paroxysm of lies and hate.

Having watched the rise of this person to the GOP nominee and ultimately POTUS, I felt compelled to say something with the tools I have at my disposal: Pencils, pens and brushes. Interesting times are now also dangerous times. In the year that News and Entertainment seemed to lurch towards each other, this is a World Leader whose only interest in the job is to be on television to compensate for an Emmy he thought he deserved for bullying people. A compliant and largely mute GOP, fidget with their poll reports and try to look the other way. Resistance is the only option.