Submission — Heath Kane

When The Revolution Starts

12. Februar 2018 — MYP N° 22 »Resistance« — Text & Illustrations: Heath Kane

When The Revolution Starts

„When The Revolution Starts“ was inspired by „Liberty Leading The People“ by Eugène Delacroix—a classical painting depicting the French Revolution. In the original, the main character is bare breasted, stripped of her dignity, but defiant. All around her are corpses. The message is that she would rather die than give in. We live in a time when again people are taking to the streets. They seem defiant, angry. But would they really die for the cause? Or has protest become a new form of entertainment?

This work was done in collaboration with US artist Todd Kale.

Masks Of Fear

„Masks Of Fear“ is a collection exploring the theme of an emerging new political world order.

I am keen to explore and understand how such prominent world leaders—who are supposedly appointed to represent their people—can become so biased and blase. And what it is that is driving their campaigns of fear? This is the question that drove these darkly satirical pop-art portraits.

The collection conveys Trump’s xenophobic traits against Mexicans and other targeted ethnic groups, Kim Jung-un’s deep resentment for Western society, Putin’s views on the LGBT community, and the infamous Pussy Riot movement.

The introduction of masks is a way to show their xenophobic and seemingly sadistic traits. The use of neon colours was used to draw people closer—once close, you begin to see hints of metallic gold that remind us of their wealth and power.

With a flood of people becoming engaged with politics in 2016, „Masks Of Fear“ is not just intended as a Zeitgeist piece, but a talking piece that hopefully will not only one day be a snapshot of a moment in history, but will help shape it.

Where Have The Natives Gone

London was always a melting pot. Generations of people who added richness and diversity. Today though as more and more luxury blocks go up the streets are empty. Locals are being forced off their land. The real immigration problem isn’t people, it’s money. Where have all the natives gone?