Submission — Fábio Miguel Roque

Wonderful Balance

14. Juli 2013 — MYP No. 11 »My Souvenir« — Text & Photo: Fábio Miguel Roque

Having this opportunity to describe something through text and image as “My Souvenir,” I decided to dedicate this project to my two year old son, Tomé.

I, unlike most people, always doubted that I would one day become a father. Not that I didn’t want to be one, but I always imagined that fate, for some reason, would not give me this opportunity. We have such doubtful and enduring feelings towards several ideas or situations, but I was mistaken.

With great anticipation I waited eight months, although he was born prematurely. I don’t have any experience and knowledge in this field, but like with many situations and experiences, we slowly learned.

There were very many good moments, but some bad ones as well: many feelings of frustration were had, my career stagnated due to shifting priorities and fatigue, which rendered my unable to visit the cinema, or do anything for that matter.

My project could be entirely different, but it is not. The project is my souvenir, representing a wonderful balance that has been maintained over two years. As a father, I have experienced unimaginable and indescribable sensations and emotions during this period of time. And, of course, all that has been temporarily cast aside, such as trips to the cinema and involvement with my career, has been reestablished with a new sense of normalcy and a desire to improve greatly and significantly.