Submission — Tasha Liv

Communicate With People

29. November 2015 — MYP No. 19 »My Protest« — Text & Photo: Tasha Liv

What is a protest? Under protest we usually understand regarding open public reaction to the situation: sometimes in support, but usually against it. There are different types of protests: Political, Social, Cultural protests. I want to talk about cultural protests, such as the underground vs. mainstream.

What is the underground? The underground – a set of creative directions in contemporary art (music, literature, film, visual arts, etc.), contrasted popular culture, mainstream and formal art. Underground includes informal, independent or prohibited by the censorship of the kinds and works of art.

The line between underground and mainstream is always blurred, as many of the kinds and works of art that began as an underground, eventually became a popular and widespread.

Underground means a distinctive break with the dominant ideology, ignoring the stylistic and linguistic limitations, the rejection of conventional values, norms, social and artistic traditions, often shock value( Lady Gaga, Madonna), rebellion. Underground rejects and often violates socially accepted political, moral and ethical attitudes and behaviours, introducing into the everyday life new patterns of behavior.

What is the mainstream? Mainstream – the prevailing direction in any area (academic, cultural, etc.) for a period of time. Often used to refer to any popular, mainstream trends in the art to contrast with the alternative, underground, nemas, elitist direction.

I think the mainstream will always exist – like the underground. Because no matter what decade/century, people always will “chase” for all fashionable. So there will always be people who will despise those people and will create something new and unusual for the current person. Also I don’t support the protests and riots, because I think what you need is to communicate with people, and not to go outside and scream.