Submission — Lila Khosrovian

An Urge To Protect

29. November 2015 — MYP No. 19 »My Protest« — Text & Photo: Lila Khosrovian

I have always been attracted by nature, and comfortable in and around it. I grew up in the Armenian countryside surrounded by mountains and forests, maybe that explains why I am so attached to nature. I am active in protecting wildlife and nature worldwide.

I try and spend as much time as possible in new landscapes, camp and travel as often as possible. I moved to California several years ago and this part of the world has been inspiring me a lot. The nature here is so diverse, so wild that I am amazed everywhere I go.

Quickly it became an urge to protect parks and beaches, as many people are still littering. I strongly feel that there should be much more repressive laws to prevent people from littering. Between that and a very agressive tourism, that part of the United States seems to be suffering a lot and the coast as well as the parks tend to get damaged.

I hope our generation and the ones to come will understand the importance of nature for our well being and survey, and stop on harming something that created us and could very much destroy us.