Submission — Kim Free

Quiet Minds

27. Oktober 2013 — MYP No. 12 »My Silence« — Text: Kim Free, Photo: Andrew Seitz

Is it possible to have a silent mind? If there were a way to ‘turn off’ my thoughts and still stay focused, I’d love to give it a try. Thoughts can get so loud. Over thinking can be irresistible, even though simple thoughts that arise in a quiet moment are often the most helpful.

As I give more and more time to listen to myself, the easier and faster it becomes. A strong inner voice is so valuable, because when things are happening, they are usually happening fast. Pulling out of that momentum, even for a few seconds to think twice, can be just too difficult to remember. We love to be stimulated, and who wants to stop?

I love caffeine, I love my phone, and I love to be busy. Especially when I’m busy with things I care about. It feels great to focus on relationships and projects that are truly satisfying, but even so, passions can create the deepest wounds. Allowing our inner self to guide us can lead to the most spectacular failure or the sweetest happiness. Sometimes both at the same time! It’s a gamble. But either way, life can be so beautiful. Everyone wants to be satisfied, and when our surrounding reality fulfills who we truly are inside, it’s the best feeling.

I’ve found the best way for me to stay in touch with who I am, my ideals, and my dreams is to take time to STOP, slow down, and get silent. This calms the thoughts racing through my head, and puts me in touch with that silent self that feels what is right. My inner voice always guides me in the right direction, but it needs to be loud enough to hear, and strong enough to trust. When I quiet my mind, my inner voice is strongest. Like watching balloons float up to the sky, or swimming underwater in a pool, silence frames reality, accenting everything we are in the middle of.