Submission — Matei Panainte

Universe Of Silence

27. Oktober 2013 — MYP No. 12 »My Silence« — Text & Photo: Matei Panainte

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by things. They gather. Therefore to have my silence, just mine, it’s important, in some moments even essential. When I refer to this silence it means that multitude of things which naturally dissolve and grow in this own silence.

It’s about perspectives, the way in which some facts get or lose value. For me, when I search for silence, the music gets value which is hard to underestimate, this being the center of my relaxation.

And here I refer to an underground music. I listen to all kinds of weird songs because this helps me to escape from the normal of normality.

Just because this music it’s so different, it makes me see the things from the other angle, offering a special flavor to my silence. In this kind of states the imagination is unleashed and pushed by the music, the apparently small things, insignificant, become essential… the rays of the sun over skin… the smell of the morning near tea… the lights of the city reflected through the room’s walls… the room’s walls reflected over skin… the mornings of the city smelling… tea of the sun’s rays…
All these create new emotions, in harmony with my life, with other sounds, with other images.

Honestly, my ways of calming down are part of my creation process of my music and my photography. The way up there is grueling but full of serenity.

I started few years ago, I continued, I continued and in this way they became defining elements for my personality. I created an universe of silence, unique and personal.

To get there I need to be alone, by the side of someone else or something else my silence would gain a different color, a different meaning, ambivalent.

My silence…

My silence is continuously influenced by the progress in music and in photography, by the moments of clarity of the mind and soul, by the sunset which puts me in shadow, by the sunset of the sky, by the sunset from the vinyl… all these while I’m listening to music…

For the time being it’s an accomplishment of my existence. Sound. Image. And these bring me silence.