Submission — Mattias Tyllander

A Sunny Morning

19. Januar 2014 — MYP No. 13 »My Desire« — Text & Photo: Mattias Tyllander

Desire is a deep mystery we want to explore.

Desire is always with us. For me, desire is something we are creating in our minds, something you want to see with your own eyes.

Being out for a walk on a field an early summer morning is wonderful: I catch the sunrise and take self-portraits. Being out with my camera is something I love. Being alone and just feel nothing for a moment, just me and my camera.

Desire is a special feeling we all feel, desire makes me happy and sometimes sad. My desire is to travel around the world. New places give me new inspiration – and inspiration is very important for me: it brings me ideas for taking new pictures.

I like photography because when I find places I like, I get the inspiration to take a lot of pictures. It‘s so incredible to connect emotions through photography.

I also like to think and form my own ideas, it allows me to be a role model for others who like photography. I love the strong colors in my photography, I‘m glad I live in a country with many different seasons. It allows me for more space for ideas. What I like most about this picture is the colors and the misty feeling of the sunny morning. I like being out and discovering places, taking lots of pictures. I think I connect that feeling in this photo: My own desire to see new places with my own eyes.

That means desire to me.