Submission — Matthew Coleman

Three Billion Atoms

19. September 2017 — MYP N° 21 »Ecstasy« — Photo & Text: Matthew Coleman

The world is on fire outside and from its flames, she steps,
into her temple that raises up into the early morning skies

high, high, where the birdsong sighs.

Inside the belly of the beast they writhe,
its people caught between the shadows and the strobes.

Her eyes are closed now.
The palms of her hands pressed together.
She moves with the music,
her outline lit by shards of light.
Here, she begins her dance, 
and like the San tribe of Africa, she dances into trance.

The phantoms of the San women building up their song.
She moves
and becomes the song,
the shaman,
the fire,
as the women continue rhythm until its ever more intense.

She becomes everything and everyone; all matter condensed…

The music goes through her, lifting her out of her being…
freedom flickers as flames.

She runs,
runs naked and free.
She runs,
in ecstasy,
She runs,
each one of her three billion, billion, billion atoms
rising right up to the stars.
she becomes our star, our planet.
she becomes all. 
she becomes everything
Dancing ever onwards into that good night.