Submission — Daniel Lara Cardona

Part Of My Life

27. Oktober 2013 — MYP No. 12 »My Silence« — Text: Daniel Lara Cardona, Photo: Manuel Valencia

Silence doesn’t really exist. Even when there seems to be emptiness, there’s something which fills it. Feelings, body sensations, flavors, images and odors are always present; and they must be understood as elements of variable meanings, which are assigned by every single person. This means that everything in this world has a meaning which is actually assigned by us, and silence becomes a very important space for this process to happen.

If everything has a significant value, that means also that everything has a meaning. The definitions for an object may change from person to person and imply rational and emotional values.
The last kind of traits tend to differ more from person to person than the logical ones, as emotional experiences are unique, and also the response from the person towards the situation varies highly. Silence is hence, a place in which emotional meaning is given to each of these experiences.
Quietness is also a space for reflection. One can take advantage of this state to seek for inspiration and answers for several questions of one’s life.

Through analysis during this silent period, one can surely find the ideas and the solutions to several problems, as well as inspire yourself through the use of memory and imagination. Thus, silence must not be considered as an empty period in which everything is static and remains frozen, rather than a moment in which through meditation and introspection one is able to build a new world.

As a creative, I believe that silence is a necessary part of my life, as it lets me create new images. After discussing and exchanging ideas with other people, silence is that space in which I can finally connect all the external and internal influences into coherent, strong ideas, which somehow will change the way in which I perceive and give meaning to the world.