Submission — Cetywa Powell

Moments Of Creation

27. Oktober 2013 — MYP No. 12 »My Silence« — Text & Photo: Cetywa Powell

It was before a concert and I was waiting… just waiting… there was time to spare. I was staring at this monumental structure across the street: the Walt Disney Concert Hall. So I crossed over to see it, explore it.

The building is majestic, creative, an invention of a master mind. There were few people; it was a weekday after all. And I could move at my own pace, through the curving walls.
I’ve only been able to appreciate Frank Gehry’s architectural designs through the lens of my camera:

seeing the curves he intended, the futuristic, spaceship feel.

Lost in the architectural silence, I think I got what his mind saw in those moments of creation. It felt like a window, really, into his genius.